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Taba Pots
High Fired Ceramics and Raku
"Turtles", High Fired Stoneware,
24"h x 16"w
LEROY TABA-- Ceramic Artist
Carved black on white ceramic art.

Ceramic artist, Leroy Taba, was born and raised on the island of Kauai.  After graduating from Kauai High School, he attended Wheaton College in Illinois where he received his BA degree in drawing and painting. He pursued additional interests
in the fine arts by attending the University of Hawaii graduate school specializing in ceramics.
This series of black and white etched pottery reflects an attempt to meld Hawaiian flora and fauna designs with an emphasis on the design qualities of the black on white patterns. These creations are high fired stoneware.

Leroy has been a member of the Pacific Handcrafters Guild since 1978.
"Green turtles", Platter, High fired Stoneware,20" D
"Honu", Platter, High Fired Stoneware, 20" D